About me

A taste of Sicily in the streets of London


My homeland

My fascination with food and cooking takes origin from my homeland

Sicily is a unique blend: a combination of differing scents and flavours coming from distant, as well as  the Scirocco winds.  Led by the sea, driven by the winds, the Greek and Arabic conquerors came to give us ancient and precious recipes originating in remote cultures.


My cooking

My cooking gets inspired from this wonderful island plenty of fabulous colours. Full of incredible scents and flavours.  Sicilian cuisine is deeply linked to its territorial features and historical heritage.  Its dishes, reminiscent of the sea and aromatic citruses, are  wrapped by the warm colours of sun. 


Kitchen rules

Like most of people I learned how to cook by observing my mother’s cooking. In our family  there was one basic strict rule… everything should be homemade, prepared from scratch in our kitchen.
Never had to happen that a single canned food was popping up from the grocery in our pantry.

During college I started to mess up on my own in the kitchen. And so cooking became a way to relieve stress,  and my study buddies have gone to be my test case.    

Now I enjoy creating special dishes;for my family and my friends. Cooking is not just a food preparation but it’s much more. For me it means taking care of the people you love.


Traditions and creativity

Unfussy and family focused, my cooking is nothing than a celebration of simple and fresh ingredients. I love wandering around greengroceries and food markets to choose every single element of my dishes. 

Unlike my mother I love to revise the traditional recipes with a touch of extravagance and brio because cooking is also creativity and craziness. 

My constant hint of creativity is sprinkle leaves of mint here and there…  Mint is always on my Mind 

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